dilluns, 7 de juny de 2010

Problem page

Dear Vanessa,
I'm a fourteen-year-old girl. I've got a brother. The problem is that we argue a lot. My parents think that I'm the guilty one, because I'm teh oldest. The punishment is a month without playing tennis. That's unfair! What should I do?

Vilafant, Spain

Dear Aina,
You should ignore your brother. Your brother is a little boy and he doesn't think. Aina speak with your brother. Aina mustn't fight! It's dangerous!

dimarts, 1 de juny de 2010

Next summer

Next summer I'm going to do a lot of things.
In June, I'm going to go to Scotland with my family. My parents want my brother and I to go there to speak and practise English. There, we are going to visit the Ness Lake, and all the places that we read on the “el fantasma del valle”, the book that we read in class. We are going to spend one week there. I really want to go.
When I return from Scotland, I'm going to go to Llançà because I've got another house there. Every morning I'm going to go to the beach, and in the afternoon I'm going to walk around Llançà with my friends and eat an ice-cream. When I'm in Llançà I'm going to go to different beaches, like Grifeu, Garbet, Llançà, Portbou,...
Last March I did a course for getting my premonitor test. So in July I'm going to go in a summer camp, to teach children. This summer camp is in Colera. I'm going to work in the morning and in the afternoon. But at the weekend I'm going to invite my friends to Llançà, and we are going to go to the beach, and then we are going to have lunch together. Perhaps in the evening I'm going to go fishing with my father. Rarely, we are going to catch some fish.
In August, I'm going to go to a summer camp in Deltebre. I'm going to go with Elena and Laia. It's a sports summer camp. We are going to spend 10 days there. In Deltebre we are going to go to the beach, to the swimming pool, to ride a bike, to climb, to go kaiaking, to go canoing, to do snorkeling,...
I can do all this when classes end. I really want to finish school classes!!

dimecres, 28 d’abril de 2010

The snowfall

Wednesday, 23rd December, I was in Spain with my family, to spend Christmas's Day. That day we got up very early because it was snowing. It was amazing, because it rarely snows in my country. It was snowing all the day. At night, after dinner we wanted to go for a ride, when we opened the door and a lot of snow fell upon us. We were totally isolated, we couldn't go anywhere. We were closed in the hotel. At this time, I wanted to telephone the newspaper to explain what happened, but we didn't have coverage. So my husband took the camera and filmed me explaining what happened, because when we arrived home, I would write it in the newspaper.
When we were having dinner, we didn't hear any strange noise, so we went out normally when a lot of snow fell upon us. A group of people were having dinner like us, but the other were having dinner at a restaurant outside the hotel. The people were frightened, because we didn't have any electricity, we only had candles, but other people didn't know what happened because they were sleeping. The hotel workers tried to remove the snow but they couldn't.
There was a lot of snow.
Finally, after 5 hours isolated, a helicopter took us out and a truck tried to take out the snow to open the door. I was very scared but when I heard the helicopter landing I felt relieved. Now I'm at home, and I can say that I know what a strong snowfall is.

dimecres, 14 d’abril de 2010


Do you like this robot? I built it when I was 10 years old. Yes, I know, I was very young for having built it, but my father helped me.
Its name is Robotic, it is short, it is one meter long. Its face is a square. Look, on its head there are two antennas, it uses them to speak and to understand what we say. They are protected by a glass, so they don't break. It has got two yellow eyes. They are smaller than its mouth. Its mouth is very big. Above its eyes there are three buttons. The green button is for when it feels very well, the red button is for when it feels bad, and the yellow button is for when it feels find. Like this, we know how it feels. It has got two square ears, but it hasn't got a nose, so it can't smell. Its head is bigger than its body. It has got two arms, like a person, but very thin. Its legs are like its arms, thins. Its feet are bigger than its hands. It hasn't got fingers. Its body is like a triangle.
Do you know what? It studies like children. How? Easy, on its back, there is an empty rectangle. There, we put it books of the subject that it studies. For example, if it wants to study Maths, we put it a Maths book, we wait for half an hour and then, you can ask it something about Maths. He is going to answer the question. It is the most intelligent robot in the world, because there is a robot competition, Who is the most intelligent robot? last year we participated and we won. They gave it a dog robot. It was the happiest.
Robotic helps me to look after my brother, when my parents are not at home. It leads him to the park or to the cinema, what he wants.
A lot of people ask me if I sell him, I have been offered thousands of euros for him, but I won't sell it, because it's my friend.

diumenge, 28 de febrer de 2010


One day a group of friends and I went on an excursion. We went to “La Vall de Núria”. The bus waited us in front of the school. The journey lasted for 2 hours. That was horrible! Then we arrived in front of the train station and we waited there to get on the train. Five minutes later the train arrived. There wasn't anybody there. We were alone, all the train for us! When we arrived we wanted to visit the countryside. After that we wanted to play a game: to find some hidden clues that some friends had prepared. We divided in four teams of five people each one. When we finished, we realized that a group was missing. We started to look for them. One hour later we didn't find them. After that we were so tired, so we went to sit under a tree very unhappy. Then we saw someone moving behind some bushes. We were scared, what was that? Oh no! They were the lost group! They wanted to scare us! In the end they went all the journey back laughing at us because they had scared us!

dimecres, 16 de desembre de 2009

My last holidays

Last summer, my family and I went to London with some friends of my brother. We travelled by a big plane from Barcelona to London. We got up very early, because the plane took off at three o'clock . We were very tired but we could sleep on the plane . We stayed in a very big and cool hotel at the center of London. The hotel was very close to the Tamesis river. We visited the st. Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London, the London Eye, the Buckingham Palace, and the Big Ben. We visited some museums too, the British Museum and the Madame Tussauds. We went by boat down the Tamesis river. We took many pictures.
The typical food from there, is the hamburgers with chips, or fish and chips.
There, there were a lot people who spoke Spanish and Catalan. There, the people are kind and generous.
It was a great holidays, and I'm ready to go back, but the nest time, with some friends!

dimarts, 27 d’octubre de 2009

My style

Jeans, a sweatshirt and trainers, are my favorite clothing items. I don't wear Gothic or Baggy styles, they're horrible!

Sweatshirts, jeans and trainers this are essentials. I like a lot the accessories a lot! I love earrings!!

I usually wear purple clothes, it's my favorite colour! I sometimes wear black sweatshirts. But I love purple!

I describe my style with Selena Gomez, because I like her style, it's cool!

I usually wear jeans, a cool t-shirt and trainers. I sometimes wear a neck scarf, I love it! In winter I always wear a jacket to school because I go walking, and cool boots. I never wear a skirt or a dress to school!

On special occasions I wear smart clothes like a dress or a skirt, with cool shoes or boots, nice earrings, my sunglasses and a handbag.

I am different from the rest because I don't wear the same as other people, I have got my style.

I always wear accessories I like them! I usually wear big earrings, and a pink watch. I sometimes wear big rings too. I rarely wear a necklace or a bracelet. I never wear sunglasses to school but at the weekends , I wear big purple sunglasses. I rarely wear a belt to school.

I love going shopping because I like cool clothes!